Friday, July 19, 2013

Review of NEO Queen Brown Circle Lens

NEO Vision Queen Brown circle lens colored contacts

Nowadays I find myself wearing NEO Queen Brown (SKU N414) a lot!  I've featured these circle lenses on our Instagram a couple times. They're super comfortable and realistic, blending very naturally with my brown Asian eyes.

Color & Design: 

I use this lens for 2 of my go-to looks this summer. I've seen Korean makeup companies featuring peachy pink eyeshadows this season so I decided to try it with this lens and really like how it looks! Basically, it's a dab of peachy orange-toned eyeshadow in the outer corners of the eye, brown pencil liner, mascara and minimal liner on the lower lid. The summer weather here is super hot and humid, so I prefer minimal makeup sometimes. These NEO Queen Brown contacts match very well with just plain black eyeliner on the lid and a bit of brown lining the lower lid.

I love how this lens has a honey tone (leans more towards green than red on the color spectrum). It makes my eyes look a touch brighter and just livelier. It kinda makes people think I got more sleep than I actually did haha

NEO Queen Brown circle lens colored contacts from EyeCandy's


As I've said before, I prefer 14.2mm diameter. These are not super enlarging. I think they'd be a good fit if you have small eyes and don't want anything that overwhelms the whites of your eyes.


NEO Vision lenses are my favorite because of their natural patterns and most importantly COMFORT! They are thinner than GEO lenses and I definitely don't experience any discomfort when inserting or wearing them.

NEO Vision Queen Brown lenses can be purchased here on our website for $29.60 plus free worldwide shipping.