Thursday, December 27, 2012

Spring Blossoms Eye Makeup Tutorial Using Royal Vision Girly Chip Rose Pink Circle Lens


Step 1

The circle lens used for this look is Royal Vision Girly Chip Rose Pink.  Put on the circle lenses with clean hands before applying any makeup.

Step 2

To ensure that the colors stand out, prep your lids with a primer or nude powder prior to eyeshadow application.
Pat on the different shimmery eyeshadows as shown in the picture:
a) Buttery yellow or cream in the inner and outer corners
b) Very light pink or champagne (Jealousness Ultra Shimmering Eyeshadow in ES01 Barbie Pink) above the inner corner and lower lid
c) Light silvery blue (ES03 Modern Blue) on the centre of the upper lid and lower lid
Step 3
Line your eyes with a brush-type pen eyeliner or Jealousness Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Professional, BK Black.  Dragging the line beyond your lower lashline will give the appearance of rounder, wider eyes.

Step 4

Add on a pair of natural falsies such as Magic Magic Sweety Series False Eyelashes in C-07 using Magic Magic False Eyelash Glue. Make sure to start where the edge of your iris meets the lashline (don't apply the eyelashes starting right at the inner corners) and extend it beyond the lower lashline, following line you drew in Step 3.  Again, this will emphasise the roundness of your eyes and give a cuter, younger look.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Your Daily Dose of EyeCandy

To all you circle lens lovers out there, Christmas is right around the corner, and that means lots of holiday socials are coming up! Luckily, at Eyecandy’s, we’ve just announced the release of an additional three new series to complement our fabulous Royal Vision line of circle lenses! Royal Vision has always been one of our hottest brands to hit the market, and we’re sure that these new designs will be a stunning complement at any occasion, whether it be with friends, family, or just passers-by while you do your shopping!

But, I haven’t even introduced myself yet! I’m Daniel, an avid fashion enthusiast and part-time photographer, and I’m part of the wonderful staff here at Eyecandy’s! I’ll be providing you with the latest biz on circle lenses and colored contact lenses, along with my personal tips on everything about them, from choosing a design to matching your outfit! 

Well, you might be wondering what’s so special about these new designs – our typical features are about the same, with a 42% water content (quite comfy, as I’ve tried for myself), 14.5 mm diameter (a tiny bit bigger), 8.6 base curve, and 6 month usage.  Also, our dedication to quality both in materials and in customer satisfaction remains unchanged. Let’s go on to the newer colors, shall we?

Going for that trendy hipster look? Well look no further than the new Royal Vision Creamy Series!  With this series, we offer five varieties of subtle pastels to add a light sparkle to your appearance. I personally recommend the color Purplish Red; there’s nothing quite like it with its warm, soothing shades of thistle and melon!  

On the other hand, the Bella 4 Tone Series opens up your possibilities with tones of blue, brown, green, grey, and violet! Royal Vision really has done it this time! This series is designed to give that irresistible dynamic light reflecting from your eyes, mixing deep shadows with bright highlights. If I could pick just one of the designs in this series, I guess it would have to be Green – it’s not just your standard plain green, but a rich, vibrant blend of yellow-green hues that will captivate any viewer’s attention.

Still not your type? Then take a look at our Summer Doll Series! What’s so interesting and unique about this series is that each design is actually made up of three or four different hues! If you’re not into subtleties, these lenses really do stand out of the crowd and make your eyes noticeably dazzling. Picking one of these as a favourite is a bit difficult, but I would take Violet, for that mesmerizing vibe it gives off.

That’s all I have to say for now, but stay tuned for upcoming announcements and reviews!   

EyeCandy's Blogger

Saturday, November 17, 2012

EyeCandy Lens is now EyeCandy's!

Hello everyone!  We are celebrating the grand opening of our new website with a 15% sitewide discount!

This discount is valid on all circle lenses, colored contact lenses, toric circle lenses and disposable circle lenses

No coupon code is required.  The promotion runs from 16/11 to 19/11.

Start shopping today at EyeCandy's!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[13 Nov, 2012] Hong Kong Post Latest Dates of Posting for Christmas 2012

The Christmas season is upon us!  To make sure that you get your order in time please refer to HK Post's latest dates of posting guide.

Christmas Air Mail - Latest Dates of Posting 2012

In the table in the link, we are looking at the Parcels & Packets column.

Here are some quick dates for the popular countries:

  • USA: 07/12/12
  • Canada: 04/12/12
  • UK: 06/12/12
  • Australia: 10/12/12
  • Brazil: 11/12/12
  • France: 12/12/12
  • Singapore: 10/12/12

As we take 1 to 3 business days for processing, please ensure that you place your order at least 4 days before the date in this table in case of any hiccups.  As always, our shipping information is available here.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

[12 Nov, 2012] Free NEO Plus Multipurpose Lens Solution with Purchase of 3 Pairs!

We are now offering Free NEO Plus Lens Solution with the purchase of any 3 pairs of lenses from our store!

The size is 60 mL.

To redeem, simply add the lens solution to your cart, and enter in the code "FREESOLUTION" at checkout.  Voila! The amount for the solution will be automatically deducted.
Your bag must have 3 or more pairs for this code to be valid.

We look forward to serving you in the future and really hope that you like our revamped website!

[12 Nov, 2012] How to Track Your Order on EyeCandy's

At EyeCandy's, we make tracking your order super easy.  Here's how:

We drop off parcels at the post office 1 to 3 business days after receiving your payment.  At this time, a tracking number will updated into your account and emailed to you as well.  
Please note that the tracking number is transmitted to the postal system's tracking database with delay (around 1 to 3 business days)
After this short period, you can use this site to track your items: Track-Trace
Alternatively, if Track-Trace is not working for you, we suggest the following:
Hong Kong Post Mail Tracking
After you see that your item has left Hong Kong, you can use the website of your country's national postal system to track your item.  Here are the links to the websites of some countries' postal systems.

Please note that our delivery methods of International Registered Airmail and Speedpost (EMS) require a signature upon delivery.  This means that if there is no one to sign for the parcel in person when the postman delivers it to your address, it will be sent to a local post office outlet.  A notice will be left at your address asking you to pick up the parcel at the post office.  We are not responsible if you fail to pick up your parcel at the post office and it is returned to us because of this reason.