Friday, July 19, 2013

Review of NEO Queen Brown Circle Lens

NEO Vision Queen Brown circle lens colored contacts

Nowadays I find myself wearing NEO Queen Brown (SKU N414) a lot!  I've featured these circle lenses on our Instagram a couple times. They're super comfortable and realistic, blending very naturally with my brown Asian eyes.

Color & Design: 

I use this lens for 2 of my go-to looks this summer. I've seen Korean makeup companies featuring peachy pink eyeshadows this season so I decided to try it with this lens and really like how it looks! Basically, it's a dab of peachy orange-toned eyeshadow in the outer corners of the eye, brown pencil liner, mascara and minimal liner on the lower lid. The summer weather here is super hot and humid, so I prefer minimal makeup sometimes. These NEO Queen Brown contacts match very well with just plain black eyeliner on the lid and a bit of brown lining the lower lid.

I love how this lens has a honey tone (leans more towards green than red on the color spectrum). It makes my eyes look a touch brighter and just livelier. It kinda makes people think I got more sleep than I actually did haha

NEO Queen Brown circle lens colored contacts from EyeCandy's


As I've said before, I prefer 14.2mm diameter. These are not super enlarging. I think they'd be a good fit if you have small eyes and don't want anything that overwhelms the whites of your eyes.


NEO Vision lenses are my favorite because of their natural patterns and most importantly COMFORT! They are thinner than GEO lenses and I definitely don't experience any discomfort when inserting or wearing them.

NEO Vision Queen Brown lenses can be purchased here on our website for $29.60 plus free worldwide shipping.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Review on Rohto Eye Moisturizer Overnight Treatment Eye Drops (樂敦養潤水)

I've been test-driving the Rohto Eye Moisturiser Overnight Treatment Eye Drops for around 3 weeks now before offering it for sale on our website. I'm overall quite impressed with it!

What is this product meant to do?  The Rohto Eye Moisturiser is contains 4 active ingredients:
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate(0.4%) --> glycosaminoglycan, lubricant
Potassium L-Aspartate(1%) --> amino acid
Aminoethyl sulfonic Acid(Taurine)(0.1%) --> amino acid
A-a-tocopherol Acetate(0.03%) --> aka Vitamin E
These ingredients supposedly promote the metabolism and repair of corneal cells while you sleep.  The chondroitin sulfate and sodium hyaluronate base are meant to increase the viscosity of your tears, increasing your eyes' natural lubrication which allows it to hold in more moisture and prevent your eyes from drying out during the day.

How is this different from regular eye drops?  This product is not a "tears replacement" type of product that you use during the day whenever your eyes feel dry from wearing contacts (for that, try the popular Rohto Lycee eye drops). Instead you use it on your naked eye, twice per day. I put in 2 drops in each eye once in the morning after washing my face and at night before going to bed.

So how does it perform? I wear contact lenses every day of the working week and by the end of the week I admit that my eyes are usually pretty tired and get irritated easily. The Rohto Eye Moisturiser has definitely helped alleviate some of the dryness.  After the first week, I noticed that my eyes actually felt quite comfortable at the end of the day of wearing contacts. I was able to wear circle lenses from morning til night with need for my regular Rohto Lycee eye drops only once during the day. (Not saying that is healthy so do bring out an extra lens case with solution to remove your lenses if needed).  These eye drops worked as promised in increasing the natural lubrication of my tears. I noticed that, in the morning, my eyes felt "stickier," evidencing that the mucous secretion from my eyes had increased. As weird or unappealing as that may sound, though, this helped my lenses from drying out during wear.

The one con about this product would be that each drop dispensed is pretty big. A single drop was enough to spill out of my eye. Just a small annoyance. Also, these eye drops are SUPER MINTY. If you think the Rohto Lycee eye drops are minty, wait til you try these! It was a slightly overwhelming the first time I used it but after that this minty feeling turned out to be quite refreshing.

Overall, I'd highly recommend this product for daily users of not just circle lenses, but contact lenses in general, especially for those of you who stare at a monitor all day or are subject to dry air conditioning in an office.

Rohto Eye Moisturiser Overnight Treatment Drops can be purchased here at EyeCandy's.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sneak Peak of New GEO Circle Lenses for Summer 2013

Here's a sneak preview of new colored circle lenses that have just been released from GEO's headquarters in S. Korea!

This HoliCat series is a line of monthly disposable cosmetic contacts.  It will be available in 5 designs of the most popular colors - brown, grey, blue and chocolate.  The lenses are 14.5mm diameter and, good news for those of us who need prescription, they will come in 0.00 ~ -8.00.

I must say that the packaging is absolutely adorable!  I love those cartoon illustrations, and it's much cuter than any other packaging that GEO has released.  As for the lenses themselves, I'm stoked to try the Barbie Brown! It looks like a milder version of the Dueba Gossip Brown lenses.  The Funky Blue looks quite amazing as well, though the limbal ring looks quite thick.  I'm hoping that the printed patterns are actually closer to 14.2mm instead of 14.5mm so that they'll look more natural and won't give an alien-eyed effect.

Meanwhile, here's a promo photo that's been released for the Funky Blue. Looks quite good.

What are your opinions about these designs?  Which ones are you excited to try?  Let me know in the comments!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

NEO Dali Premium Brown Circle Lens Review

NEO Dali Premium Brown (NO17) is easily becoming one of my every go-to circle lenses.  If you've followed us on Twitter, you will have seen that I posted pictures of me wearing this lens a couple times. Sometimes, you want to wear colored lenses but realise that you have to "play it up" with eyeshadow colors, mascara, etc. But since these lenses are just plain brown, you can be super lazy with makeup. NEO Dali Premium Brown is good for a makeup-free look (or a "no-makeup" makeup look =P) as well!

Color & Design: 

These lenses are 14.2mm but the enlargement effect is super natural, more like 14.9mm.  The brown is lighter and more reddish/orange-toned compared to NEO Dali Sweet Chocolate, Dali 2 and Natural Touch circle lenses.  I would call it a warm cocoa.  This shade isn't a perfect match for the typical Asian dark brown eye color but it still looks super natural.  This lens wouldn't be detectable by people who don't know about circle lenses.  Even if they do, it's not going to stand out a lot.  Perfect for those of you who like subtle enhancements.


I feel 14.0-14.2mm is sufficient for me as my eyes are puffy and not big.  But I know that for most people they would find this on the smaller side


NEO Vision contact lenses are amazing in comfort! Really comfortable during the workday (even when staring at a computer screen for 4+ hours at a time)

NEO Vision Dali Premium Brown can be purchased here on our website for $29.60 plus free worldwide shipping.

On another note, we have FAIRY 1-Day Color Con newly arrived from Japan! I have been trying them out and they are extremely comfortable so far. And super convenient too!  I will be posting some pictures up later...


Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Japanese Fashion Watches by This e'S Watch

We are so excited to announce that we're offering these awesomely adorable trendy watches by This e'S Watch on EyeCandy's!  This brand is famous in Japan and Hong Kong for its super cute and affordable fashion accessories.  You can find them all over fashion "hotspots" like Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok, etc (if you've been to Hong Kong and visited Sogo, Beverly Shopping Centre, LaForet, etc., you'll definitely have seen these watches before!)

This e's Watch mainly has 3 style categories of watches.  Let's take a look at my favorites below.

Glam / Dressy Style

These rhinestone-encrusted confections are perfect for anyone who wants to wear a watch as a standalone accessory.  I am in love with the Constance watches which have a simple, thin leather strap, crystal bezel and a really cute little star charm to add a touch of girliness.

Lucie Red Strap Rose Gold Watch with Crystals
Jetsetter White Watch with Rhinestone Bezel
Constance Rhinestone Pink Strap Watch with Star Charm

Girly / Cute Style

These girly watches are perfect as gyaru accessories and will instantly cute-ify any outfit! I really like how these watches are available with small faces.  I know that large-faced watches are the trend nowadays, but for those of us with small wrists these can look overwhelming. The small ones are definitely cuter and more dainty.  My top pick from this would be the Runway Thin Strap Watches - a nice minimalist design punctuated by whimsical numeral accents.
Princess Glam Cream Pearls Beaded Bracelet Watch with Crystals
Leopard Charm Pink Leather Strap Watch

Vintage Whimsical Style

This category is my absolute favorite from e'S Watch!  I think that these designs go well with a more mature style, perfect for work but not too old-looking.  They feature nice leather straps in neutral colors with brushed or aged hardware.  The Angelica watch in Brown is one that matches most of my outfits for work or for going out.  The cool thing about it is that the carousel motif is the ticker for the watch, so it rotates as the clock hands move!  Also loving the Bambi watch with the cute little character accent that's so nostalgic!  =)
Stargazing Brown Leather Strap Vintage Watch
Angelica Lace Motif Brown Strap Watch
Whimsical Bambi Vintage Red Leather Strap Watch
That's the Spring Edit for now!  A new batch of watches will be available for the summer.  Stay tuned! =)

- Coco

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Best Multipurpose Solutions for Circle Lenses

Here are some of our top picks for solutions to cleanse and store your colored contacts and circle lenses.

OPTI-FREE Replenish & Express

Hands down OPTI-FREE is my favourite brand of contact lens solution.  You know how when you put on contact lenses, you get that initial stinging sensation?  Especially when it's early in the morning and your eyes are still sensitive to light?  I've never gotten that with Opti-Free.
I also find that pre-soaking my lenses in Opti-Free makes my eyes less prone to dryness throughout the day.  My eyes feel quite comfortable all day long.  Sometimes, my lenses become blurry due to dryness, but I haven't experienced that with Opti-Free treated lenses.
I haven't noticed any difference in comfort levels between the Replenish and Express versions so they're pretty much the same for me.  The Express is "express" because its formula supposedly dissolves the protein deposits on the lenses for you so you don't have to manually rub your lenses.  However, I read a paper the other day about how rubbing your lenses significantly reduces the deposits on the lens compared to no rubbing, even though multipurpose solution was used.  So make sure to rub your lenses; 20 - 30 seconds twice per day is nothing!
You can buy this solution at almost any optical store and drugstore.

ReNu Multiplus

This brand is only so-so for me.  In the morning, I sometimes experience the stinging sensation described earlier when initially putting on contact lenses.  Also, I find that this solution doesn't help my eyes retain moisture as much as the Opti-Free brand ones do, so my lenses are prone to bluriness later in the day.  I can't really think of any aspect in which this one wins over Opti-Free...maybe slightly cheaper price?  It's usually available as a free sample when you get clear prescripted contacts at your optical store. 

ReNu Fresh

I've had better experiences with this one than with the MultiPlus.  ReNU Fresh keeps my eyes as comfortable throughout the day as Opti-Free does.  No initial stinging sensation as well.  However, I got blurry lenses sometimes, but only at the very end of the day (after 10+ hours of wearing the lenses...which you aren't supposed to do anyway).  I think this is cheaper than Opti-Free, so more bang for your buck.
Get it at your local drugstore.  I haven't seen this one in value pack format.

Hope this post helps you on choosing your contact lens solution!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Sale at EyeCandy's

Happy St. Pattie's, everyone!  Even if you don't celebrate it, today's your lucky day! At EyeCandy's, we're offering 20% OFF all green colored contacts and green circle lenses for today and tomorrow (17th to 18th Mar, 2013).  If you follow us regularly, you'll know that we don't do 20% off often, so do take advantage of this deal!

Happy shopping lovelies! <3