Sunday, March 24, 2013

Best Multipurpose Solutions for Circle Lenses

Here are some of our top picks for solutions to cleanse and store your colored contacts and circle lenses.

OPTI-FREE Replenish & Express

Hands down OPTI-FREE is my favourite brand of contact lens solution.  You know how when you put on contact lenses, you get that initial stinging sensation?  Especially when it's early in the morning and your eyes are still sensitive to light?  I've never gotten that with Opti-Free.
I also find that pre-soaking my lenses in Opti-Free makes my eyes less prone to dryness throughout the day.  My eyes feel quite comfortable all day long.  Sometimes, my lenses become blurry due to dryness, but I haven't experienced that with Opti-Free treated lenses.
I haven't noticed any difference in comfort levels between the Replenish and Express versions so they're pretty much the same for me.  The Express is "express" because its formula supposedly dissolves the protein deposits on the lenses for you so you don't have to manually rub your lenses.  However, I read a paper the other day about how rubbing your lenses significantly reduces the deposits on the lens compared to no rubbing, even though multipurpose solution was used.  So make sure to rub your lenses; 20 - 30 seconds twice per day is nothing!
You can buy this solution at almost any optical store and drugstore.

ReNu Multiplus

This brand is only so-so for me.  In the morning, I sometimes experience the stinging sensation described earlier when initially putting on contact lenses.  Also, I find that this solution doesn't help my eyes retain moisture as much as the Opti-Free brand ones do, so my lenses are prone to bluriness later in the day.  I can't really think of any aspect in which this one wins over Opti-Free...maybe slightly cheaper price?  It's usually available as a free sample when you get clear prescripted contacts at your optical store. 

ReNu Fresh

I've had better experiences with this one than with the MultiPlus.  ReNU Fresh keeps my eyes as comfortable throughout the day as Opti-Free does.  No initial stinging sensation as well.  However, I got blurry lenses sometimes, but only at the very end of the day (after 10+ hours of wearing the lenses...which you aren't supposed to do anyway).  I think this is cheaper than Opti-Free, so more bang for your buck.
Get it at your local drugstore.  I haven't seen this one in value pack format.

Hope this post helps you on choosing your contact lens solution!


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  3. I've heard a lot about these multipurpose solutions for contact lenses. It keeps our contacts safe and cleans them vigorously through their effects.

  4. i'm still waiting for my circle lens to arrive ... and i would definitely try this!


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