Saturday, April 20, 2013

NEO Dali Premium Brown Circle Lens Review

NEO Dali Premium Brown (NO17) is easily becoming one of my every go-to circle lenses.  If you've followed us on Twitter, you will have seen that I posted pictures of me wearing this lens a couple times. Sometimes, you want to wear colored lenses but realise that you have to "play it up" with eyeshadow colors, mascara, etc. But since these lenses are just plain brown, you can be super lazy with makeup. NEO Dali Premium Brown is good for a makeup-free look (or a "no-makeup" makeup look =P) as well!

Color & Design: 

These lenses are 14.2mm but the enlargement effect is super natural, more like 14.9mm.  The brown is lighter and more reddish/orange-toned compared to NEO Dali Sweet Chocolate, Dali 2 and Natural Touch circle lenses.  I would call it a warm cocoa.  This shade isn't a perfect match for the typical Asian dark brown eye color but it still looks super natural.  This lens wouldn't be detectable by people who don't know about circle lenses.  Even if they do, it's not going to stand out a lot.  Perfect for those of you who like subtle enhancements.


I feel 14.0-14.2mm is sufficient for me as my eyes are puffy and not big.  But I know that for most people they would find this on the smaller side


NEO Vision contact lenses are amazing in comfort! Really comfortable during the workday (even when staring at a computer screen for 4+ hours at a time)

NEO Vision Dali Premium Brown can be purchased here on our website for $29.60 plus free worldwide shipping.

On another note, we have FAIRY 1-Day Color Con newly arrived from Japan! I have been trying them out and they are extremely comfortable so far. And super convenient too!  I will be posting some pictures up later...


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