Friday, February 15, 2013

Review of GEO Mari Gold Violet

Valentine's Day was yesterday, I thought it'd be relevant to write a review on a more "romantic" color lens like violet.  Pink lenses are also fantastic but, between the two, I think that violet is definitely the more "neutral" or "wearable" color.  Out of all circle lens colors available, violet is actually one of the least popular; and I must admit that I never found an opportunity for wearing this color until a photo of Elizabeth Taylor's violet eyes piqued my interest.

The GEO Mari Gold series is definitely one of my favorites! What sets this series apart from other common 2-tone designs is the light-scattering effect of the gold particles in the centre of the lens.  The first comment from people who see me wearing Mari Gold violet is "Wow, cool, I like your violet contacts" and then when they look a little closer and notice the metallic pigments, it turns into "Omigosh! So pretty!!"

Color & Design:

The coloration of Mari Gold Violet is visibly violet.  It doesn't appear muted on my dark brown eyes so I think it would work well with lighter eye colors as well.  The gold flakes in the lens really do show up (even in dim indoor lighting).  These circle lenses would work equally well for "daytime wear" as well as for more special events like a date or a night out.  I enjoy wearing this one with just very simple eye makeup, such as a shimmery light pink eyeshadow and cat-eye eyeliner.


The enlargement of the Mari Gold lens is sufficient for my needs.  Anything more and I will start to look bug-eyed.  I need to wear at minimum eyeliner + mascara with this lens to make it work.  People with already big eyes may not find that this lens gives them much enlargement.

Do you think it fills up too much of my eye space?  Let me know what you think.


This circle lens was quite comfortable for me. They are more comfortable than my other GEO Magic Color lenses produced in 2010.  They're definitely changing their formula for the better! I used Rohto Lycee eye drops after 5 hours. (For reference, my 5/5 comfort rating for circle goes to NEO Vision monthly lenses and Bausch & Lomb LACELLE)

GEO Mari Gold Violet can be purchased here on EyeCandy's website for $26.88 plus free worldwide shipping.

- Coco

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  1. I love this lens, the purple color is wonderful. Please public a post about your Makeup products. I love it. Sorry for my english, I'm from Italy :)


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