Monday, February 18, 2013

Top 5 Most Bizarre Circle Lenses Ever

Here in Asia, the cosmetic contact lens industry has been exploding for the past 3 or so years.  "Color con" is the all-encompasing term that you'll hear most often hear, referring to enlarging circle lenses, non-enlarging, regular colored contacts and costume contacts (e.g. the ones used for cosplay or theatre).  New designs are being pushed out literally every single week, endorsed by famous "net idols" ("regular people" bloggers who became like actual celebrities).  A lot of them are actually rebranded models that have been selling well for years and are well-liked by most people.  But there are certainly numerous ones which, well, seem like they were designed by an artist on crack (or just someone with a rather bizarre sense of aesthetics).  Here we present to you the top 5 weirdest circle lenses ever conceived:

5. Butterfly Circle Lenses

I have never liked butterflies, so this one just freaks me out.  Maybe it would be an interesting addition to a "Fairy Queen of the Amazon" costume, but otherwise,  Isn't the thought of having little bugs in your eyes a bit frightening anyway?

4. "Pastel Rainbow" Circle Lenses

I'm not sure I quite get the aesthetics of the jagged edges here.  They look like stickers.  I don't think anyone would wear them except for perhaps costume purposes.  I think they'd definitely be more acceptable if the pattern was round and not spiky, since the coloration itself isn't all that bad.

Here's another jagged one with a crazy carnival theme striped pattern.

Does the insane design not remind you of this: 

Yuck, right?

3. Harry Potter Circle Lenses

Now just when you thought copycat products from China couldn't get any weirder, here comes the world's most beloved wizard - in circle lens form! Actually, the only "Harry Potter" part of this lens is the name and packaging.  I guess these Chinese companies will use anything that's trending to market their product despite its irrelevancy.  Harry Potter aside, the design is an unappealing one consisting of little colored knobs outlined in black.

2. "Show-Mix" Glitter Circle Lens

I'm not bold enough to wear these, but they do look quite interesting.  I'm curious as to how the fine glitter was so densely incorporated into the design.  These certainly look like colored contacts on steroids, but the bizarre part of this isn't the pattern itself.  Just take a look at the promo pics this company put out below:

What an amazingly appealing set of pictures, huh?  Perhaps the demo eyeball was the closest thing they had since you can't try on the lenses yourself.

and the #1 spot goes to...



1. Hello Kitty Circle Lenses

You must be thinking WTH right?  You knew Asians were into Hello Kitty, but not to this extent!  Really, what could be more romantic than staring into someone's eyes, getting lost in their gaze and...omg, wait, what is that...are those...CAT FACES in your eyes?!?!  Recommended for creeping people out and as a prank gift to your Hello Kitty fanatic friends.  Needless to say, these are costume lenses for sure, and will definitely get people talking about your contacts (if you like that).


  1. Circle lenses are in huge trend among people as it makes a person's eyes look bigger than the size. Above all the designer pairs you have shared are looking great; I like the last brown one most.

    1. We found these designs a bit wacky, haha but anyway to each their own. Circle lenses were originally created to give just a slight enhancement to eyes, so subtle that the lenses would be undetectable. One thing for sure is that they've come a loooong way since then!

  2. I actually like the Hello Kitty lenses. Haha.

  3. Where can I purchase the hello kitty lenses

  4. I really love the butterfly lenses!! I hope do a sponsor someday...


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