Saturday, January 12, 2013

Comparing NEO Sweet Chocolate Dali Brown, Dali 2 Brown and Dali Premium Brown

NEO Vision has 3 models within its "Dali Brown" circle lens series.  You may be thinking that having 3 lenses, all of which are meant to provide a super natural, almost "invisible" effect, is a bit redundant.  Perhaps it is, but when worn, each design actually produces subtle but appreciable differences.  Our company sent a well-known Chinese blogger, An Ming, to compare these 3 lenses.  Photos below are untouched, un-Photoshopped except for resizing purposes.

The first photo from the upper left corner is NEO Dali Sweet Chocolate Brown, the original best-seller from the series.  This design is the thinnest and the least patterned, consisting only of a brown ring that's about 2mm in width.  Because of this, it covers the tiniest portion of the natural iris, surrounding your eye color with only a brown halo.  The edge of your iris will appear more defined.  The enlargement effect is definitely not as dramatic as the 14.5mm+ lenses, but it's enough to give a cuter and more youthful look.  The one con about the Dali Sweet Chocolate is that, when you look to the extreme side, the lens may not align perfectly with the iris, causing the "halo effect" which will make it obvious that you are wearing circle lenses.  With that aside, the comfort, as with all NEO Vision lenses, is perfect.  I love that NEO Vision makes such thin lenses with high water content so that my eyes aren't tired by the end of the day.

The next photo from the upper right corner is NEO Dali 2 Brown, released in 2011.  This is actually my favorite one of the lot because its dense pattern gives the darkest, richest color.  Even though the diameter is the same (14.2mm) as the other two lenses, the dark color actually makes the eyes look more dolly.  Dark colors actually contribute to making my eyes look larger because they contrast against my skin which is quite pale.  This is what I've picked up from personally trying many different circle lenses; so it might not be the same case with everyone.  The swirl pattern also makes these lenses easier to locate if I've dropped them!

Dali Premium Brown is the latest addition to NEO's Dali Brown line.  The diameter is the same as the other 2, but it actually gives the smallest enlargement because it has the lightest color.  The color is more orangey, cocoa-tinted than the other two.  The edge of the design is the most natural and mimics the real human iris in that it slightly fades outwards (take a mirror and examine your real iris; you'll that there's a thin "buffer" ring between the colored portion and white of your eyes).  For those of you who don't want anyone to know that you are wearing cosmetic lenses, this is definitely for you!

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  1. The one with Dali Premium Brown color is super amazing and is giving really an attractive look.


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