Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year! New Products from NEO Vision Added!

Hello again everyone and happy new year! Hope everyone's 2013 is off to a great start!

We recently got some new colored circle lenses from our favorite brand NEO Vision.  Let's introduce them!

NEO Natural Touch Brown

This is a very natural circle lens design with a unique starburst pattern.  The soft cocoa color matches with most dark brown eye colors.  Compared to the original NEO Vision Sweet Chocolate Dali Brown circle lens which has a thin limbal ring, Natural Touch's design is more like a halo, with a gradient that fades towards the centre of the lens.  This allows the outer edge of the iris to be defined and the brown color to blend with your natural eye color towards the middle.  The thicker design also means that you don't run the risk of getting the "halo effect" when wearing this circle lens.  This lens is available in 0.00 - -8.00.  Natural Touch is perfect for wearing everyday to school or work.  We love it!

NEO Natural Touch Brown is available at EyeCandy's for $29.40 plus free lens case and free worldwide shipping.

NEO Flora Series

Our NEO Flora Series comes in grey, brown, blue, green and violet.  Power is available from plano 0.00 to -8.00 for grey and brown and 0.00 only for the other colors. Here are a few photos of this circle lens.

As you can see, NEO Flora circle lens doesn't provide a drastic color change as the color is quite translucent.  It just adds a nice tint of color to enhance your eyes.  The most unique thing about the design is the clover shaped ring of color.  It's only visible up close.  Whoever's farther than arm's length will see a little colored sparkle in your eyes.  This makes for a natural yet mysterious effect.  NEO Flora is definitely a fashion lens which you may want to wear for a night out.  Our staff fave from this series is the brown and the violet.  The brown's quite natural so it's great as an "everyday" circle lens, especially if you want something livelier than the standard brown ring design.  The violet looks sweet and romantic and would be great for a dinner date!

NEO Flora Series circle lenses are available from Eyecandy's for $29.40 plus free lens case and free worldwide shipping.

So what do you think about these lenses?  Any suggestions for lenses that you would like to see in our store in the future?  Let us know in the comments below!

- D

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