Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review of NEO Ruby Queen Green

Today I wanted to share with you a green circle lens from one of NEO Vision's most underrated lines, the Ruby Queen series.  From the time that it debuted last year, I've always been intrigued about diamond patterns because they looked stunning on other models.  I've tried the basic diamond designs like the GEO XTRA Diamond Series and some other funky 3/4 tone ones and found that I was never too fond of any of them because of their huge diameter.  I gave up on them until I found out that NEO Vision released a faceted design in 14.2mm which was perfect for me!

Color & Design:

I love how the Ruby Queen Green looks on my eyes!  The trick in a cleverly designed diamond pattern circle lens is having just the right degrees of opacity in certain "facets" to reflect the underlying eye color, and transparency in others to show off highlights.  This lens does just what I want - it makes my eyes look more illuminated.  The green color is also not too bright and natural enough to pass off for "daily wear."


As you can tell from this picture, the enlargement effect is quite decent at 14.2mm diameter.  It's definitely large enough to make a difference without going overboard.  No "alien-eyes" with this.  For comparison, these enlarge more than the Dali Brown lenses despite having the same 14.2mm diameter because the Ruby Queen's design reaches the edge of the lens.


NEO Vision lenses are always comfortable for me.  They're more comfortable than GEO lenses.  Used eye drops once during my 8-hour wear.  (For reference, my 5/5 comfort rating for circle goes to NEO Vision monthly lenses and Bausch & Lomb LACELLE)

Hope that this review was informative for those of you who are interested in NEO Vision circle lenses!

Ruby Queen Green can be purchased here on EyeCandy's website for $29.60 plus free worldwide shipping.

- Coco


  1. they look great on you!
    i like how it isn't a bright shocking green.
    in a way, it looks natural.
    i find lacelle quite i assume these are almost just as great?

    1. Hi! Yes, these are almost as comfortable. But LACELLE is still top for comfort because it's a daily wear lens. =)

  2. Hello! I am thinking of ordering a new circle lenses but I do not know which. I'm going to cosplay Ellie from The Last of Us, and I want a pretty light green yet natural color. I have brown eyes. Some lenses that you can recommend for my Ellie cosplay?


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